100 OG Marijuana strain

100 OG Marijuana strain

The hybrid of OG Kush and Haze is usually recognized for its physical, mental, and mood-lifting effects. The combination of both indica and sativa qualities can be stimulating and invigorating, particularly when mixed. Both characteristics are likely to have been passed down from OG Kush’s mother plant. It can make you space out as well as being body- numbing.

The OG stands for Original Gravity, and this is a famous strain of marijuana that has been around since the 1970s. The OG Kush was created from the legendary super-strain OG Kush. This hybrid boasts an equal indica-sativa split, although it can sometimes lean towards the indica side. Although it is well balanced, this hybrid is still a strong variety, and it should be treated with respect and used with some expertise.

The $100 OG is a powerful hybrid strain with THC levels that can range up to 24%. If you aren’t used to the stronger varieties, $100 OG might be a bit of a handful because both its mental and physical effects might be strong, and when combined, it may result in an unpleasant experience if you aren’t prepared for it.


The Original Bubba Kush hybrid is not to be taken lightly, since it will come in fast and hit you like a ton of bricks. $100 OG will leave you feeling giddy and optimistic for a few hours, keeping you in a good mood. It’s one of the most potent strains on the market today, with THC levels reaching 24% on rare occasions.

The $100 OG seeds are no longer available. In our marijuana seed bank, check out other Hybrid seeds.

The OG Kush is a wonderful choice for those days when you just need a little boost of joy. This well-balanced hybrid will make you feel cheerful and comfortable, while the sativa side will help you to have more energy throughout the day.

The kicker is best utilized by veterans for a midday smoke or an early evening chill. It’s vital to note, however, that a little more will bring out the Indica component in greater quantities. Complete physical sedation will be achieved. Then comes a trip to dreamland, where you may enjoy complete bodily relaxation. Keep it low and slow with $100 OG for an experience that allows light movements.

$100 OG is a cheerful strain with a well-balanced profile that can make you feel as if you’re approaching the “light at the end of the tunnel,” instantly lifting you and then ensuring that you depart your experience feeling calm and content. It’s for this reason that $100 OG is frequently advised to people who struggle to de-stress and remain happier throughout their days.

Additionally, cotton mouth and dry eyes are typical. When using any cannabis varieties, these are not uncommon. Drinking a lot of water and taking modest doses of cannabis is the best method to avoid or cure them.


OG is a relatively powerful smelling strain, with an extremely distinct odor that lasts for days. Its scent lingers in the air for several hours and is nearly impossible to conceal, since it smells like it has been drenched in diesel. With its aroma, there’s a touch of sweet pine hanging in the air, which makes this plant taste delectable and tempting.

The scent is quite potent in this strain, which is a characteristic that makes it stand out from other popular strains. The flavor on the other hand has a subtle nutty undertone to it when you first smell it. $100 OG has a sweet taste, but also earthy undertones, with blueberry notes and a powerful diesel burst. This cannabis strain may have a slightly skunky aroma with some tanginess on the exhale.

$100 OG Adverse Reaction

OG Kush flowers can be expensive, but if you get a low-THC variety from a reputable breeder, the buds will cost just $100. The high concentration of THC in this strain may be overwhelming and frightening to some individuals, especially those who are not used to its strength, so there might be adverse effects that can be reduced with a small degree of caution.

The combination of THC and CBD in this hybrid might make you feel cotton-mouthed and cause dry, itchy eyes, as well as a slight dizziness in some people. In very exceptional circumstances, $100 OG can make you feel slightly paranoid; for others, this may lead to a mild but lingering headache after ingestion.

Medical Uses

$100 OG is known for its many medical benefits, and is useful for a long list of ailments. This hybrid has proven itself to be very good at managing pain, allowing patients to reclaim a higher quality of life and helping them greatly to resolve their daily aches, especially for those who suffer from debilitating chronic pain.

The strain has also been shown to be beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia, as it can help people relax and eventually facilitate a better night’s sleep. With the aid of this variety, cancer patients who are undergoing invasive chemical therapies may restore their appetite.

Also, the effectiveness of cannabis used as a pain management medication for persons with chronic inflammations has not yet been established. This makes it an extremely powerful ally in the fight against disorders such as muscular spasms, backaches, joint aches, headaches, and other persistent diseases.

Those battling anxiety, sadness, or stress can relieve their minds of mental worries thanks to its euphoric high. The pleasant sensation quickly eradicates negative emotions and ideas with just a few puffs. One may spend away the hours outside of the office without feeling weighed down by a heavy mental burden.

Furthermore, the calming and focus enhancing qualities of this plant are advantageous to persons with ADHD. Because of its sedative impact, insomniacs obtain a good night’s sleep. The herb’s ability to assist people with abnormal or disrupted eating habits is also significant. Nausea and vomiting cease when individuals take it, while eating becomes appealing under its influence.

$100 OG can help with chronic pain as well. It helps to calm the suffering caused by diseases such as migraines, PMS, and backaches. It is not suitable for those who are in severe physical agony. The mild strength of its antispastic and analgesic effects works effectively with little illnesses.

Growing $100 OG

Because it thrives in an indoor environment, the OG is generally cultivated indoors. It has popcorn balls and few stems, making it a grower’s dream plant. It may be simple to cultivate, but it does need some expertise to reach its peak potential yields.

There’s a plant with flowers so densely covered with popcorn-like buds that it looks like a bouquet. It teases visitors to its gleaming potency early in the blooming period, since it is densely coated with trichomes. Its lower limb is almost leaf-free because of the fluffy top foliage, ensuring unrestricted air circulation. Despite lacking height,

The plant may create up to 350 grams per square meter in an optimal indoor setting. Plant it correctly while it’s flowering for nine weeks, then try a SOG system to get the most out of it. In a Mediterranean-style climate, the flora can also grow rapidly outdoors. If one’s environment isn’t as perfect, such as in the north, timing is essential. September through October is when and where you should plant and harvest your marijuana plants.


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