Aliens on Moonshine Marijuana

Aliens on Moonshine Marijuana

A unique example of a mixed hybrid strain, which includes both CBD and THC. Most cannabis consumers just want high THC levels in their buds, and it’s unavoidable that most strains are only tested for THC. While there are many cannabinoid pairings to select from, the ones with the highest amounts of THC tend to do better. Buy Black Dragon Hybrid to relax.

However, there are still a few individuals who are looking for strains that have more CBD and aren’t simply searching to get high; they want a comprehensive cannabinoid experience.

For those who believe that there aren’t enough CBD-rich strains available, Sin City Seeds has come up with Aliens On Moonshine. Let’s look at this CBD-dominant strain and figure out what makes it so potent. Try Black Dragon Hybrid to make your day better.

What Are the Aliens on Moonshine Strain?

The Cannabis on Moonshine strain is an outlier in the marijuana industry, since it was created entirely around its CBD content. While most strains with strong CBD levels have CBD content of 10-12%, Aliens on Moonshine completely eclipses them. While many samples of the bud have a CBD concentration comparable to that of the average, some Aliens on Moonshine buds have THC contents as high as 30%. The fact that this strain can mix both CBD and THC is perhaps the greatest feature about it.

Breeders of CBD-rich strains frequently remove any sign of THC in order to make room for the cannabinoid they are focusing on. Some breeders have figured out how to alter everything by combining a high THC strain with one that is rich in CBD.

The high induced by Aliens on Moonshine is not particularly potent. This may be attributed to the presence of at least some amount of a euphoric component in the strain, which is especially apparent when compared to other CBD-focused strains. Because of its single-digit THC content, the high produced by Aliens on Moonshine isn’t nearly as powerful as most other cannabis strains. Its parent plants, Sour Alien and White Moonshine, also make it less intoxicating.

At first, you may feel a gradually increasing pressure in your body and limbs, but nothing overwhelming. There will be a usual sense of relaxation and calm, but this is quickly contradicted by a stronger urge to do something.

It isn’t strong enough to make you want to leap out of your seat, but it will leave you feeling that you have more time on your hands. You’ll be inclined to undertake creative projects, particularly those that allow you to sit down and focus intently.

This strain’s powerful hypnotic effects allow you to open up your mind and body in a pleasant, deep way, providing ideal material for creative endeavors.


The scent of Aliens on Moonshine is difficult to pin down at first. There are notes of citrus, as well as a hint of tanginess.

The scent of coffee beans starts off with a pine note, which fades into a more variegated sweetness. As you really breathe in the aroma, small amounts of pine can be detected. They have a distinctive muskiness that seems to cling to your nose and stay there long after your Alien on Moonshine is gone and burned away.

The taste, on the other hand, changes drastically when you start breaking down and grinding the buds. It shifts from a robust fruity scent to an almost repulsive chemical flavour that is similar to smelling citrus floor cleaner.

The unpleasant aroma, on the other hand, doesn’t stick around for long since it fades away quickly.


The initial puff of Aliens on Moonshine has a powerful full taste that smothers your tongue and reveals itself immediately. The smoke is incredibly smooth and gentle, almost like a cool glass of water. The tingly, almost astringent qualities of its fragrance, on the other hand, accompany it with the same chemical flavor from its aroma.

The flavor, on the other hand, is not unappealing. It’s rather cleansing, as it seems to cleanse your palate. It’s similar to eating a salty cracker after having something sour in your mouth.


Aliens on Moonshine has a great appearance, which is one of the major reasons people choose to cultivate it at home. The blooms are enormous, stretching out and taking over their entire space, looking somewhat funnel-like. The buds are also lovely, with incredibly detailed and solid structures that grow side by side with deep and sensitive leaves that add to the illusion of a jungle in your garden.

The leaves are large, glossy and tightly packed. They exude a scent that is pleasant and sharp. There’s also a hint of purplish hue to the plant that seems almost unusual in appearance. The pistils and white trichomes of this strain provide most of its strength.

The nicest way to enjoy this variety is to cultivate it yourself. You’ll be able to appreciate it throughout its development that way.

Aliens on Moonshine Strain Grow Info

The first thing you’ll need is some Aliens on Moonshine marijuana seeds. Unfortunately, Sin City Seeds has not offered the seeds for this amazing strain online. This makes it difficult to get started; you’ll have to locate someone who’s growing it now and obtain some clippings for cloning.

Because of their quick growth, clippings from Aliens on Moonshine will take root quickly after being planted; the only problem is locating someone to give you a cutting. You have the option to grow your Aliens on Moonshine either outside or inside since it is a versatile strain. It can tolerate varying temperatures, but humidity is required. To better your final bud yield, you should prune your Aliens on Moonshine plant often to ensure that it develops in the correct direction. Instead of allowing your Aliens on Moonshine plant to develop as it pleases, try cutting off the very tip of any new developments. This will break the growth down into smaller pieces, forcing it to grow horizontally rather than vertically, resulting in a considerably greater end product.

If you want to get more hands-on with expanding your bud, the Aliens on Moonshine strain offers some creative possibilities. You may encourage a purple hue in the buds if you put a high value on anthocyanins in the budding buds to aid improve its final appearance.

To do so, try to bring your Aliens on Moonshine plants outside at night, ideally close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, but still above 5 degrees Celsius. These cooler temperatures provide for a more attractive purple color in your finished Aliens on Moonshine buds.

So, after everything is gathered and prepared, what kind of cannabis content can you anticipate from your Aliens on Moonshine? What are the THC and CBD concentrations in particular?

The fact that Aliens on Moonshine cannabis is a CBD-rich strain, yet has a lot of THC, is perplexing. While it varies based on individual phenotypes, most variants of Aliens on Moonshine have around 9% THC. It’s just enough to provide you with a powerful psychoactive impact but not so much as to make you feel stoned.

The CBD concentration of Aliens on Moonshine is what sets it apart, as few strains have achieved similar amounts of CBD. Finding the precise CBD content of this strain might be difficult since different phenotypes appear to have wildly varying levels of CBD. Nonetheless, there have been a few samples that tested at over 35% CBD in the Cannabis Genome Project database.

A lot of samples test in the high teens for CBD content, so a decent approximation of the Aliens on Moonshine strain’s CBD concentration might be around 20%. Still, this is a substantial quantity of CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Aliens on Moonshine Strain

As the THC content of this strain is so high, many individuals consider Aliens on Moonshine to be an entirely medical variety. The major medical benefit of this cannabis strain is its capacity to calm your mind, reduce stress and tension, and put you at ease. It makes you feel serene and tranquil, especially while under stress or panic.

MoonShine is a popular strain among those who are having difficulties with their mental health due to its effectiveness in combating anxiety and tension. This strain may assist make your days more pleasant whether you suffer from severe anxiety or continuous stress.

Aliens on Moonshine is also an excellent strain for alleviating pain, especially chronic pains that appear to never go away. Some people use Aliens on Moonshine to treat any type of discomfort, even momentary pain, by applying it following an accident or after surgery.

The pleasant balance of THC and CBD ensures that while you feel a little bit stoned, you mostly experience its soothing properties.

Possible Side Effects of the Aliens on Moonshine Strain

The great thing about a strain with a potent mix of both THC and CBD is that you won’t feel much effect. While most high-THC strains produce a variety of negative side effects, these ones barely at all.

You may expect to feel the heat of a scalding cup of coffee soon after smoking, but don’t worry: you’ll be fine. Keep yourself hydrated and you’ll be good to go.

As a result, it’s less likely to produce paranoia or anxious feelings than other strains. Its complex cannabinoid profile makes it highly unlikely to cause anxiety or paranoia. As a result, this strain is safe for individuals who suffer from anxiety.

Final Thoughts

The Moon Dust strain, which is named after the fictional saloon in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” resembles many famous indicas. The highest THC levels of any cannabis variety grown in Kentucky thus far have been found in this strain.

This strain is ideal for almost any time of day and for virtually any purpose, making it excellent for a wide range of uses. Remember that it’s somewhat uncommon, so if you spot it online or in a dispensary, grab it as soon as you can.


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