Cannabis Honey Benefits

cannabis honey

Cannabis Honey Benefits

If you’ve never had a peanut butter and honey sandwich, then now is the perfect time to unlock the benefits of cannabis honey for both tasty and healthy nutrition.

While honey alone is very nurturing, given that it’s a natural form of cough syrup, energy source, and aid for diabetes, cannabis honey has quite a few benefits you might not know about. First and foremost, cannabis honey is a blend of marijuana, or cannabis plants, infused with honey, which can then be administered either recreationally or medicinally. Coined “cannahoney,” this simultaneously edible and drinkable blend of two healthy, natural ingredients has additional qualities that set it apart from practically all other rival cannabis blends.

Keeping this in mind, it’s not so hard to see how the benefits of cannabis honey are innumerable in number thanks to the healing properties of honey alone. I’m not just talking about stuff like boosting memory, cannabis honey has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, heals wounds, even possibly suppresses influenza, or ebola. In addition to mixing it with your favorite cup of hot tea, honey can be enhanced, per say. Infusing honey and cannabis can have some lasting effects on both your body and mind going into the future; these are the benefits of cannabis honey. Elizabeth Vernon is the go-to on raising bees and likewise infusing this potent form of aid; whether it be necessary ingredients and enriching qualities, to the process of breeding and the story behind this natural delicatessen, she’s got all the good info you may need.

It’s helping people.Honey, Meet Cannabis | Benefits and Recipe - Legalize it. We Think So

Learning the process of infusion and gaining a deeper insight of the industry isn’t something to be frowned upon when trying to grasp this sweet new form of edible. By practicing these ancient forms of bodily and mental health infusions utilizing marijuana and honey, one can begin to see the endless bounds so provided by the plant. It may have garnered a bad reputation sense the rise in drug culture has only worsened, but legalized medical marijuana could very much save lives.

Keeping this in mind, as we consistently bring these two natural entities together, the further our knowledge grows of what’s inside of them, what makes them tick. You see, understanding the benefits of cannabis honey is at the literal core of why people like Vernon and other beehive enthusiasts continue to stress, and openly.

Various Positive Health Aspects

As I said in the introduction, pure honey itself — the good stuff extracted from bees — can practically cure anything, whether it be an actual wound or diabetes. This type of utter versatility and mainstreamed properties won’t always get a chance to be tested. It’s likely fusing marijuana with honey could potentially engineer a breakthrough, not only in the medical world, but science altogether.

For something as seemingly mundane and ill-represented as this fine delicatessen, how could such a store still be riled up all over the country? Of course, it’s money, plus mismatched conditions between different states, expounded even further by a few possible constitutional amendments. Cannahoney could very well be our ticket into the future of advanced medical practices.

Illness and Disease Prevention

Coming from a friend of multiple substance abusers, knowing that one simple mix of honey, whether dropped in your tear or simply eaten as if off a sandwich, can only make balancing one’s life a simplistic breeze. Can weed end the heroin epidemic?

Specifically in regards to addiction, cannahoney itself can reduce dependencies one may have with other, more dangerous narcotics. Instead of potentially overdosing or causing serious harm to others, recovering addicts can find ways of making cannabis infused honey a route to full blown recovery!


Even before you add in the many medicinal qualities of cannabis, honey has many well-documented health benefits. Especially if you purchase unpasteurized raw honey products, you take advantage of even more health benefits than the stuff you find on the corner store shelves. Look out for interesting varieties at your farmers market, on the shelves of your local health food store, or even from the beekeeper down the street.

Using honey to support human health isn’t a new idea. Long ago, as far back as 4,000 years ago in ancient Ayurvedic medicine honey has been an important medicinal staple. According to this theory of medicine, it is useful for combating stress, sleep disturbance, cough and asthma among other issues. You might notice these are some of the same things people use medical cannabis for.

Research suggests that honey when used topically, may help to heal burns. Cannabis can also be used topically. The study authors theorize that this effect is thanks to honey’s natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Other research shows that specialty honey called Manuka honey (sourced from Australia), prevents the growth of the harmful C.Difficile bacteria.

Honey, and in our opinion especially cannabis-infused honey, is a powerful all-natural remedy for colds and coughs. The honey coats the throat, helping to reduce the annoying tickle. It also helps soothe a sore throat. The World Health Organization even recommends the use of honey as a natural remedy. If plain honey is so useful for cold and cough treatment, just think what canna honey could do.

HOW TO USE CANNABIS HONEYHow To Make Cannabis Infused Honey The Honest Way - Honest Marijuana

In most cases, you can easily swap out the equivalent measurement of regular honey for the cannahoney. For example, when you are drizzling on pancakes, on toast, or a spoon of it in your coffee. Typically, most recipes only call for a small amount of honey because it is so much sweeter than other sugars.

So long as you know the general potency of the THC laden honey, you’ll know how much to use in a simple recipe. If you feel that it might be a little too strong, cut the cannabis honey in half and top up with the plain version.

Keep in mind that if you intend to use cannabis honey instead of a conventional sugar while baking, the final product may turn out darker than expected. It might also have a higher moisture content. If you swap out the honey for sugar, cut back on the liquid ingredients by roughly two tablespoons.

One general rule of thumb is to cut the cannahoney down to 75 percent of the quantity of sugar called for. For example, ¾ of a cup of cannabis-infused honey instead of one cup of white sugar. You might need to experiment a bit with the recipe to get it right.


While nobody is judging you for taking a daily medicinal spoonful of cannabis honey, what are some other ideas for using marijuana honey on a regular basis? Here are some of our favorites:

  • Morning Granola: Drizzle a large tablespoon of warmed cannahoney over your fruit, granola, and yogurt. Top with a handful of nuts or shredded coconut for added healthy fats.
  • Salad Dressings: Many easy homemade salad dressings call for one or more tablespoons of honey. Why not make it cannabis honey the next time a big salad is calling your name? Cannabis honey tastes just as lovely on a garden salad as the non-psychoactive stuff, so why not make your side salad that much more exciting?
  • Honey Glaze: Amp up your next serving of baked veggies with a cannabis-infused honey glaze. Your boring baked carrots never tasted so good.
  • Cinnamon Toast: That childhood staple of toasted bread, a drizzle of honey, and a shake of cinnamon just became your go-to adult snack. Instead of drizzling plain honey, why not use your new cannahoney instead?

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