Cannabis jewelry

Cannabis jewelry

Cannabis jewelry

The most genius thing about wearing cannabis-inspired jewelry is that it’s like a secret handshake between members of a private club—only instead of Skull & Bones, it’s stoners.

The iconic cannabis leaf—usually seven-point in imagery—doesn’t look so different from other less controversial florabotanica iconography that inspires jewelry designs daily. So, not surprisingly, even people who don’t know their indica from their sativa are collecting and wearing herb-inspired pieces, supporting brands that are using their designs to advocate for marijuana legalization. “Most of my [muses] rock the Sweet Leaf, even if they aren’t cannabis users,” fine jeweler Jacquie Aiche told Leafly.

“As business owners in the cannabis industry, we each have a responsibility to move this industry forward in the best manner possible,” Genifer Murray, co-founder of Genifer M, adds. “We aim to create a space in which you can fully express your beliefs, hopes and passion for the healing properties of cannabis with the mission to make a difference in people’s lives. It shatters traditional perceptions of cannabis to reverse 90 years of the propaganda in mainstream culture.”

The next time you’re looking for new bling, start with these five fashion-conscious brands—they give new meaning to the phrase “statement jewelry.”

Cannabis Design, Cannabis Art: Trends & Brands

If you are curious and perhaps already clutching your wallet ready to buy, there are many stores that you can google to purchase unique cannabis jewelry with rare cannabis design and cannabis art.

There are a lot of stores that sell jewelry with a distinct character, using different colors and various materials such as real gold and silver or high-quality, endurable substitutes.  Every store has its style and distinction that will surely catch your attention at some point, especially for those of you who love buying pieces of jewelry with eye-catching features.

Look for cool brands such as Blunted Objects or Genifer M. Their collections feature a wide range of cannabis jewelry, from rings, necklaces, earrings that highlight the pot leaf style, to functional marijuana jewelry that makes you look fashionable, young, and high at the same time. Google the weed micro pipe necklaces from Blunted Object, or their cute and fashionable weed micro pipe glasses.

You’ll also fancy seeing Genifer M’s molecule necklaces, depicting the molecular structure of the THC and CBD compounds. That is, outside their high point jewelry brand’s outspoken use of the traditional pot leaf.

At some stores where they sell cannabis jewelry displaying cannabis design and cannabis art, you won’t even notice at first there might be gorgeous cannabis pieces. So, take your time browsing.

Cannabis jewelry

Contemporary jewelry makers are sourcing inspiration from different cannabis elements, including the molecular structure of THC

Brands such as Jacque Aiche sport a vast array of jewelry collections that contain shining diamonds, gemstones, and real gold, and you have to spend some time browsing their store to find the brand’s specific Sweet Leaf Collection with inspiring pieces of cannabis jewelry.

The application of cannabis motifs in their collection is more subtle. Their sweet leaf stack rings or their moonstone teardrop rings still have more open use of cannabis design and cannabis art. Such as two leaves with a pot leaf style, or a palm tree with a teardrop above it.

However, if you don’t want to spend dollars on buying any cannabis jewelry, and saving that money for weed instead, you can learn the craft yourself. Of course, you can also always learn how to homegrow your weed as well!

Making Your Own Cannabis Art

Some of us may want to create their own cannabis jewelry so that we can decide and pick something that suits our taste and unleash our creativity from within.

Creating cannabis jewelry also helps us spend a lesser amount of money on blings, and it may even teach us a new way of earning money. Of course, it would take a lot of work, but it will be worth it. Who knows? You might be one of those people who will influence someone soon.

Start with learning something basic, such as the hemp roach clip bracelet. That is if you like creating stuff with your bare hands. To create a roach clip bracelet, you need a hemp string and a metal jewelry clamp. To improve its appearance, you can also add some beads, stones, wires, etc.

Cannabis jewelry

Making bracelets is the easier lesson in jewelry-making. Making items from metals is the greater challenge.

Reaching “the next level” of creating your own jewelry with unique cannabis design and cannabis art application may require more effort, however. You’ll have to learn your way of working with metal. For that, you might use an online class of metalsmithing, and remain patient as you’ll need a few tries before you perfect the design of whatever you are doing. Start with something smaller, such as a ring or a single earring where you stamp in the metal a pot leaf imprint.

Creating your own jewelry can be a fun and creative way to spend your time. It can also be a time-filler should you be staying in isolation or in case your city is still under some form of movement restrictions. It’s a meaningful way to fulfill time while you are looking for a new hobby. The jewelry you create personally will complement your personal style and infuse something new in your appearance.

And of course, after you have some unique cannabis jewelry ready to wear, you can reward yourself with grinding some smelly nugs and smoking a beautiful, juicy joint! Enjoy and have fun!

High Point Jewelry

High Point Jewelry is the nation’s leading brand of luxury cannabis-inspired jewelry. The collection includes a wide range of items that are now worn by everyone from celebrities and athletes, to business executives and soccer moms, to budtenders and jewelry aficionados.

“Our main point of distinction is that we only use the highest quality materials, including genuine diamonds and gemstones, premium gold and pure sterling silver,” said Glenn Murray, co-founder and chief designer at High Point Jewelry. “While most of our competitors use fake gems and CZs, and inferior plated metals, we only sell the highest quality jewelry that will last a lifetime.”

In addition to its high-end pieces, High Point Jewelry is also the designer of the original and now famous “Molecule Collection” – with beautiful necklaces, pins, and earrings shaped as a THC or CBD molecule. The company also has an impressive line of affordable sterling silver jewelry, and a wide selection of gemstone beaded and leather bracelets.

One of the newest stores to sell High Point Jewelry is LifeLuxee – a retail boutique located in northwest Washington D.C.

In addition to retail boutiques and clothing shops, a wide variety of establishments now carry High Point Jewelry, including cannabis dispensaries, CBD stores, jewelry stores, alternative health and wellness shops, and more.

Some of the locations that now carry High Point Jewelry include: Las Vegas Releaf, Barcelona Legalize, Rocky Mountain Blaze, Hemp Apotheke, Sondra’s Fine Jewelry, Great Northern Cannabis, Diego PellicerMary Jae, Green Hills Patient Center, Happy Valley, Payson General Store, Solar Therapeutics, and The Wellness Joint.

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