Medical Mass Marijuana

Medical Mass Marijuana

This strain has a high THC to CBD ratio of almost 1:1 and is one of the increasing types of cannabis with a THC to CBD ratio of around 1:1. It’s a very popular choice among MMJ patients, as the name implies. It may help you manage a variety of symptoms without producing an overpowering feeling of intoxication. Buy Rough Rider Indica to relax.

The number of cannabis strains with high amounts of CBD and THC is growing. Cannabidiol, which is found in marijuana, is said to aid with the symptoms of a variety of illnesses. Furthermore, it helps to decrease the amount of intoxication caused by THC. According to the entourage effect theory, cannabinoids perform better when they are present together rather than alone. Medical Mass is a fascinating strain if you believe this hypothesis. Try Rough Rider Indica to make your day better.

What Is the Medical Mass Strain?

The Queen’s Secret Seeds developed this indica-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Critical Mass and a CBD-dominant strain. Medical Mass is particularly beneficial for beginning medical marijuana patients because of its high CBD content. Although its THC content is modest, the effect is largely diminished by the CBD concentration.

Users are typically affected by a minimal mental effect that gradually envelops them. Because this strain focuses on the body rather than the brain, it has a small cerebral impact.

Users frequently report being calm and relaxed, but not to the point of being sleepy. You may notice that a laid-back atmosphere takes the place of any unpleasant feelings you had. Some users remark on seeing a smile spread across their face. Medical Mass does not produce euphoric intoxication, but it is enough to make you happy. Furthermore, because it doesn’t manage the body or mind, it is suitable for use during the day.


The scent of ‘Medical Mass’ is sweet, with a floral undertone. The aroma isn’t overpowering like the strain’s effects. You might get minor herbal and skunky undertones in your clothes.


The flavor of this marijuana strain is somewhat stronger than its scent. It leaves a rich, honey-like quality on the tongue. Even casual smokers will appreciate the taste of Medical Mass despite it not being as potent as they desire.


The leaves are slender and medium-sized. They have a healthy, bright green color with a few orange pistils. As harvesting approaches, you will notice a beautiful covering of sparkling trichomes.

Medical Mass Strain Grow Info

The Royal Queen Seeds team is very proud of this variety, and rightfully so. With relative ease, you may purchase Medical Mass seeds online. You can grow this strain either outdoors or indoors without difficulty due to its DNA.

Although outdoor production is available to a small percentage of growers, nearly every indoor grower has access to one. If you’re fortunate enough to be in this category, Medical Mass plants develop up to five feet tall outside. This makes it an appealing choice for guerrilla gardeners, although we don’t recommend it! Each plant may produce about 20 ounces. The end of September is usually when the crop is ready for harvest outdoors.

Inside, growing Medical Mass is considerably simpler. The plant will reach a maximum height of barely over three feet in this situation. It has a lengthy blooming duration of up to 11 weeks. However, it is worth the wait since Medical Mass’ yield per square meter planted out is around 20 ounces.

It’s not essential for growers to give much attention to upkeep. Medical Mass is resistant to most diseases and pests.

The THC level in ‘Medical Mass’ is around 10%. Even if it did not contain any CBD, this is low by modern norms. Medical Mass is a high-CBD strain that enthusiasts are looking forward to obtaining their hands on. In general, its CBD concentration ranges from 11 to 14 percent.

Medical Benefits of the Medical Mass Strain

Medical Mass, unlike other strains in the same category, is known for offering a variety of health advantages. Medical Mass won third place in the High Life Hemp Fair’s best MMJ strain competition in 2015. Fans of Medical Mass believe it is an exceptionally adaptable form of medical marijuana due to its ability to boost moods. It can also be used as an antidepressant or anxiolytic, according to fans.

Although it isn’t a high-THC strain, the inclusion of CBD makes a significant difference. It’s possible that it’ll help you relax. Medical Mass is frequently used by MMJ patients with moderate discomfort. The usage of the term “Medical Mass” covers a wide range of diseases, including glaucoma, arthritis, and back pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Medical Mass Strain

Unlike other high-THC strains, the Super CBD strain has a significant edge. Only a small chance exists that it will have harmful effects such as anxiety and paranoia. The fact that there is a high CBD content indicates that the primary side effects are dry eyes and a dry mouth. Maintain adequate hydration while using this strain, and you may minimize these symptoms.

Final Thoughts

High-CBD strains are becoming more popular in the medical community. Breeders have recognized the appeal of cannabis, such as Harlequin and ACDC. It has a reasonable amount of CBD and THC and is excellent for medical marijuana use. Recreational users looking for a buzz may be dissatisfied. Medical Mass, on the other hand, is perfect if you’re a novice user.

Medical Mass, which was developed by Royal Queen Seeds to be simple to grow, is also an excellent choice for a first-time grower. It’s equally great for a novice user as it is for someone who has grown before.


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