New strains 2021

New strains 2021

It’s time to start planning for the flood of new cannabis strains that will hit the market in 2021. Before they arrive, we thought we’d discuss some of the greatest Sativa strains currently available that you should smoke in the New Year. We’ve put up a nice selection of the best Sativas available, with both oldies and newcomers thrown in for good measure. You’re certain to like one or more of these invigorating herbs no matter what sort of smoker you are.

Marijuana has been decriminalized or legalized in 11 states and is now used for medical purposes in 33. This movement is more likely to expand in 2021 as further research supports the advantages of marijuana.

Cultivators have spent the last several years concentrating on developing old strains, creating new ones, and so on, resulting in some of the most popular strains ever. Pumpkin Kush, AK-47, and Godfather are likely to maintain their position as kings this fall because they provide classic euphoric effects with pain alleviation while also providing a burst of creativity.

However, the trend does not end there. Trends predict that the top marijuana strains of 2021 will be a flavorful and potent mix of traditional buds with recently developed, intriguing Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids. Here are the top cannabis strains that will shine in 2021!

Animal Face

When individuals inquired, “What strain is good for watching an upheaval with?” we turned to Animal Face when they said, Not all dogs are great. It’s a sedative indica hybrid that combines both power and taste. Seed Junky Genetics created Animal Face from Face-Off OG and Animal Mints. You made a wise choice! Do-Si-Dos is based on Face-Off OG. Wedding Cake was created using Animal Mints as its inspiration.

You’re in the middle of the carnival with Animal Face, so don’t get bitten! In the Leafly cannabis strain database, up 42 percent.

Tiger’s Milk has dropped in popularity this month. Tiger King fans, I’m sorry to inform you that this strain fell by 26 percent.

Here’s the full data grinder:

  • Animal Face +42%
  • Dolato +7%
  • Tiger’s Milk -23%
  • Zookies +8%
  • Kush Mints +23%

New in the Leafly strain database

Because there are no tiers in the Leafly database, Seekers may not purchase a position; only quality, renown, search and sale interest, and pedigree qualify them. These four entrants offer tastes and effects that connoisseurs desire.

Lemon Cane

Lemon Cane is a citrus-scented hybrid that delivers thick, wavy layers of lemon syrup and gas, as well as an electric, powerful stone. Its name is a play on Slurricane, which traveled from Do-Si-Dos to Purple Punch. Archive Seeds of Portland crossed Do-Si-Dos to Lemon Peel for Lemon Cane. Boom—Lemon Cane is a mind-numbing top-shelf sativa hybrid produced by Connected Cannabis Co. in California under the brand name Lemon Cane.

Menthol MAC

Menthol MAC, a new cross of MAC1—one of the world’s most popular strains—is available in stores throughout Minty, hashy, cookie deliciousness awaits purchasers who spot Menthol MAC, a new crossing of Mac1—one of the greatest strains of the day. Flora Terra cultivates The Menthol strain in Sonoma County, California.


Squirt is a soft drink that has a fast, citrus burst with mild effervescence properties and is appropriate for daytime as well as date nights. Humboldt Seed Co. crossed Tangie and Blueberry Muffin in 2019. Squirts now grow outside plentifully, and they’re readily available in huge amounts. Make sure to plant some this year too.

Flo White

The strain is Indica dominant, with THC levels that range from 26.8% to 36.1%.

This rising strain is a mix of two well-known types—DJ Short’s Flo and enigmatic The White. It’s big, dense, and simple to cultivate, with a pleasant scent and mild effects.

Strain highlights of February

The nameless weed’s Garlic Noodles, which is spicy, biting, and highly potent in its flavor, has won fans. It’s not Goop cannabis for Gwyneth Paltrow. It looks like an ocelot got up in the package and urinated all over the place. Lyfted is a tough indoor flower firm from Modesto, CA that produces Nump’s Garlic Noodles. And GMO Cookies strains are used to their maximum potential by Lyfted.

Garlic Noodles proudly boasts, right on the package: “100% GMO,” which means that it’s full of garlic, mushroom, and onion flavor with umami goodness. GMO has benefited from its parents—the biting, elemental Chemdog and delectable behemoth Cookies—to continue to dominate.

Rocketing up the charts—Cereal Milk from Cannabiotix, CA

Cereal Milk. (Courtesy Cannabiotix)

Despite the fact that Cannabiotix, an upscale cannabis strain company, offers a wide range of potent strains, their Cereal Milk continues to fill more and more bowls. Strawberry Lemonade x Thicc Mint Cookies is the mother of this sativa hybrid, which is a cross between strawberry lemonade and thicc mint cookies. It’s a sativa hybrid with a taste that mimics milk at the bottom of a bowl of Captain Crunch Berries. (This indica hybrid differs from Cookies brand’s Cereal Milk in name only.)


This month, take to the streets with Krypto Chronic, an innovative combination of Fruity Pebbles OG x Alien Cookies crossed with Jet Fuel Gelato that will knock your socks off. The citrus explosion of Fruity Pebbles OG is added to the density and dankness of Cookies by this Californian strain, while also incorporating a touch of rowdiness from Jet Fuel Gelato.

Prepare for high-end, top-shelf, hide-it-from-your-housemate marijuana that disappears before you can say “bud.”

Ballin’ on a budget—Medellin sungrown from Lemonnade, CA

Lemonnade’s Medellin, a lemony strain with focused effects that stands out as a favorite sun-grown flower purchase of the late 1920s through early 1931 sales season, is one of the best. Outdoor grown herb may be less expensive than cannabis cultivated indoors, and it can be given to the customer.

We purchased a bag each of this pungent, orange sativa hybrid for less than $6. It smelled and tasted better than plenty of indoor plants. Keep an eye out for exceptional outdoor deals in February – those products are selling fast.

High Note: The Natural Cannabis Co.’s 2020 Best of the Harvest collector’s box

Have you been plagued with epidemic boredom? With this cannabis collector’s box, you may light the candle of curiosity. The Natural Cannabis Co. (Oakland Organics, Organicann, etc.) produces a huge package of hand-picked varieties from its top 2020 outdoor growers in Northern California. What do you get when you combine these strains?

One of cannabis legalization’s most unique items: a velvet-lined case containing 28 individual, labeled 1-gram jars of sun-grown flower. The award-winning artwork on the exquisite box is from the worldwide High Art competition.

The most diversified collection of cannabis to ever be included in a single box, sans shatter? Almost certainly. Just 300 of these numbered collector’s items were produced by The Natural Cannabis Co. Released in mid-December, there are approximately 50 units available. ($420 plus tax.)

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