Oaxacan Gold Complete Strain

Oaxacan Gold Complete Strain

Oaxacan Gold is a sativa landrace strain with woodsy and coffee undertones, as well as a high that is buzzy, uplifting and euphoric. Oaxacan Gold is a true sativa strain from Mexico. During the 1970s, landrace strains gained popularity, but growing cross-breeding disrupted this trend. However, there’s been a resurgence of people rediscovering what was once old and making it fresh again. This movement includes the Oaxacan Gold marijuana variety. Buy Rough Rider Indica to relax.

Oaxacan Gold is a landrace strain with some potent features that have not been tampered with. This strain’s qualities are gaining popularity once again. It has the ability to stimulate energy in its users, which is concentrated and clear, allowing for spontaneous creative ideas to emerge. Try Rough Rider Indica to make your day better.

The high of this strain is very long-lasting, with users reporting a cerebral buzz that lasts for hours. This strain should be used during the day by customers. Taking this medicine might lead to people being more active in their projects and having increased interest and motivation, resulting in sleeplessness.

What is the Oaxacan Strain?

The Oaxacan strain is a 100% sativa. It takes roughly 7-10 weeks to mature because of its strength and specific demands. If you’re a home grower searching for a plant that grows quickly, avoid using Oaxacan.

Because of its native environment, this plant thrives in lots of light. Its cultivators grew it in Mexico’s bright climes, so it makes sense that it requires a lot of sunshine. It needs at least 13 hours of light per day. The plant may also develop striking golds and vivid purples if cultivated in high-nutrient soil with little nitrogen. It smells different from other strains, according to many people, and some claim that the scent is a mix of fruit wood and herb.

The high of the Oaxacan gold is slow, but it builds in intensity over time. As a consequence, this strain’s potency is tempered with a calm quality that endures. Users have reported feeling more vibrant and clear-minded after taking this cannabis. This strain is commonly utilized by artists and creators, who value its energy boost.


According to cannabis enthusiasts, the burn of this strain contains hints of wood and dirt. Users may detect additional scents as the smoke thickens, including tangy berries and fruit, as well as a peppery spice undercurrent. Other odors include citrus and sourness, with a sweetness that balances things out.


The Oaxacan Gold strain has a flavor that is described by many consumers as complex and multilateral. Cannabis experts state that they appreciate its difficulty. On the initial inhalation, there are some strong pine notes accompanied with a sweetness that exudes a fruity flavor.

Warm earth, herb, and an exceptional range of woodsy scents and spice emerge from the blend’s tart lemons and autumn fruits. There are also delicate coffee notes, as well as a surprising floral scent.


The Oaxacan strain has a distinct appearance. Unlike many other types on the market, this variety does not include the blooms that are typical with cannabis. Instead of flowers, this plant appears fern-like with long, fanning leaves. However, it grows robust and tall, and some hues include bright reds, icy purples, and even stunning shades of brown.

Oaxacan Strain Grow Info

Both indoors and outside are possible. However, this strain is difficult for beginners to cultivate. It thrives in a sunny, warm environment. It also requires an organic medium with lots of minerals and little nitrogen. Many growers advocate the usage of SOG or SCROG for this plant.

Indoor harvesting can begin between 7 and 10 weeks depending on the weather and other variables. Oaxacan gold strain seeds thrive in a sunny environment with photoperiods of up to 13 to 14 hours per day. It’s a resilient plant that thrives in a subtropical climate. As a result, it can tolerate a wide range of threats to other cannabis strains. It resists heat, gales, and rain. It is not susceptible to mites, which are pests that other cannabis varieties are susceptible to.

Furthermore, growers may “shock” this plant to reveal the anthocyanin pigment late in the blooming period. This chemical stimulates the formation of a wide range of vibrant hues.

Indoor crops may produce 20 ounces or more per square meter on average. However, outdoor yield is typically higher, with a potential total of up to 25 ounces. These figures are based on the climate’s continuity.

The yield of hemp grown outside in a cooler climate and with less consistency is likely to be far lower than that produced indoors. The growth process includes pruning and trimming of leaves and branches. It is important for the development of the plant for there to be adequate air circulation. This strain has an average THC concentration of 23 percent. The CBD content measurement is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Oaxacan Gold Strain

This strain is used by people to alleviate a variety of disease-related problems. The major worry is tiredness. Users of the Oaxacan gold strain report increased levels of energy and attention. This strain may be beneficial for individuals with ADD/ADHD, as well as those who are experiencing writer’s block.

Consumers believe that this strain can assist with migraine and muscular discomfort. Its THC concentration may help to relax and calm back pain and muscle spasms. It might aid in the treatment of symptoms linked to PTSD, anxiety, or depression.

Users have reported feeling less social anxiety, stress, tension, and sadness after smoking this strain. This strain might also help people eat more.

Possible Side Effects of the Oaxacan Gold Strain

Oaxacan Gold, like other high-THC strains, may cause negative effects in a small number of users. These signs include dry mouth, itchy eyes, dizziness, and paranoia. Other possible symptoms include a headache. People who are highly sensitive to THC may need to take this plant in smaller doses.

The Oaxacan gold strain is a long-standing, but contemporary, favorite. This strain has been around for quite some time and was highly appreciated by users in the 1970s. Many clients nowadays also extol its advantages.

This strain tends to energize and improve users’ attention while some cannabis strains induce or advance couch-lock. Although Oaxacan gold is a landrace, when taken in excess of time, it may cause drowsiness or difficulty moving.

Oaxacan gold, on the other hand, has a strong psychological high that is associated with calmness, contentment, revitalization, and clear-minded focus for many people. It lifts and relaxes individuals in social settings, making it ideal for daily usage. Creatives who dislike the heavy feeling produced by certain strains may find Oaxacan gold appealing. It may produce euphoria feelings as well as creative thinking and tension reduction while feeding artistic creativity.

It’s difficult to cultivate, and some inexperienced growers may run into problems with its requirement for high temperatures and consistent weather. While it can grow indoors as well as outdoors, the surrounding temperatures must be similar to those in its natural habitat if it is cultivated outside.

Some growers may be disappointed if they are in a hurry for results. Many variables can affect growth, and a delayed bloom time might be one of them. This plant is hardy and mold and mildew-resistant, which is good news for people who have just discovered it. Those new to this type should start with small dosages before gradually increasing their intake as they become more experienced with it.


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