Stoner Room Decor Ideas

Stoner Room Decor

Stoner Room Decor Ideas

We all seen cool weed tapestry in movies like half bakes. A cool tapestry will give your wall an artistic vibe. A bright tapestry will brighten up your space making it more stoner friendly. You could go with a simple pattern or go all out with bright bold colors, to make a cool stoner room.

Stoner Room Decor

Every stoner den should have chill wavy music, press play & enjoy.

Stoner Room Decor

A cool new weed pillow, could be just the one essential you’re missing. The right stoner pillow will help make your stoner room pop. Here are a few weed leaf pillows, with unique deigns and bright colors. Perfect stoner gift idea, for any weed smoker. Add stoner vibes to your living room, stoner bedroom room or dorm room.

Marijuana Curtains & Weed Tapestry

A cool pair of marijuana print curtains will also turn your stoner room vibes, up a level. Your curtains are usually one of the first things people see, when they walk into a room. Grab their attention instantly with these cool marijuana themed curtains. 420 Curtains are just cool stoner home décor.

Stoner Room Decor

Cool Stoner Decals

I love these dope weed decals. They are perfect for a few reasons. One is there all reusable, you can move them around or put them in a whole new room. Their simple but creative and great artistic expression. Great stoner gift idea for anyone that loves marijuana. Stoner idea grab a few decals as well as letters. Use the letters to spell out your favorite 420 quote or saying, to make a dope stoner room design.

Stoner Room Decor

Stoner Room Decor

What’s a stoner room without trippy wall art? Trippy wall art will helps you to zone out and think about everything from life to the unknown. Great art makes you think and wonder, trippy wall art will also do just that. Perfect for any stoner bedroom or smoking den.

Stoner Room Decor


This is super important, obviously you need a comfortable spot to park your butt. If you don’t have a bed to sit/lay on here are some seating suggestions

Hanging Chairs

Stoner Room Decor

Floor pillows or Bean Bag Chairs



You’ve also got to have something beautiful or trippy to look at on your wall.

Tapestries with mandala patterns are pretty popular in the cannabis community but there are soo many different styles of tapestries to choose from.

TIP: Get a tapestry that is your fave color or helps set the mood in your smoke space. For example, if you want a chill vibe then go for a tapestry that is blue or has soft colors if you want the space to have lots of energy get orange or red.

if mandalas aren’t your style you can’t go wrong with some cannabis art

You can also add weedy decals to your walls


Some people like candles, some incense, there’s fancy essential oil diffusers or good old sage. Which ever you like make sure you have it in your stoner room.

These can be used to mask the smell of cannaibs or get rid of it all together


This might seem obvious but there are people out there ashing on the floor or their leg or just whatever is near by.

Have an ashtray and have a nice one. Personally I really like silicone since I usually smoke from a bong or a pipe at home, you can’t break glass on silicone.


Bring your room to life with some lights. I love turning my “party” light on and just relaxing, zoning out and watching the colors dance on my ceiling. Plus the smoke looks REALLY cool in the light.

or your you’re not into the trippy, psychedelic vibe your lighting can be decorative


Having a box to put your rollies, grinder, tips, roach clip etc is a stylish and practical way to store your stuff. And you wont spend 10 mins looking for your rollies if you always keep them in the same place.


If I have to explain why this stuff should be in your “stoner” room, then you’re not a real pot head.. or maybe you just take yourself too seriously.. but that’s none of my business.

If you’re musical have some instraments around.


Make sure you have some pillows and a blanket in your seating area.


Give your eyes a break from a screen and open a thing called a BOOK. Some books have lots of words or other books have lots of pictures those ones are pretty fun, especially when you’re high.


These are fun too there’s drawing books, puzzle books, coloring books its an easy way to keep yourself or your friends entertained after a smoke sesh.

Also have a notebook in your room, you never know when a good idea might pop in your head.. which let’s be real.. you might not remember it later


It’s pretty crazy how many products are covered in pot leaves nowadays. If you can’t find any weedy decor that matches your style think about how you could make your own.


  • Chalk Board Wall
  • Black Lights and Accessories
  • Door Beads
  • Lava Lamp
  • Plasma Ball
  • Glow in the dark stuff
  • Display cabinet for glass pipes or bongs

If your goal is to make a Zen stoner room. Then having the sound of water will do just that. A water feature will provide you with a steady soothing sound of water. The sound of water has been proven to help relax the mind and body. You can grab a small water fountain or a larger unit. They both will serve the same purpose. Relax listen to the water flowing and smoke your weed.

Stoner Room Decor

A set of led lights are also a great addition to any stoner bedroom. When getting high you don’t want to be in a bright room. A cool stone led light will help set the mood.


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