What is hotboxing?

What is hotboxing?

It refers to smoking in a restricted, unventilated area or one with little ventilation. This might be a car, as previously stated, or it could be a bathroom, a shed, or any other confined place. The smoke becomes trapped as it is breathed out and fills the air, frequently producing huge clouds of smoke that expand from the room when released.

You’ve engaged in the time-honored practice of hotboxing if you’ve ever wanted to light a joint or start a bowl where the smoke couldn’t escape.

It’s in our genes to be a hotbox. We notice a location — whether it’s a car, a bedroom, or even a porta potty — and feel compelled to see how foggy we can make it. Hotboxing was quite dangerous before legal medical (and later, recreational) cannabis use began. When you watch an episode of Cops where someone is pulled over, rolls down the window, and smoke pours out billowing from their vehicle ,

Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide you produce, so be sure to keep yourself well-ventilated when you’re heating up. As a general rule, though, hotboxing is best utilized as a choice in locations with “getting caught” – whatever that phrase may imply for the context – being a minor or non-existent risk. There’s just one other consideration to consider: safety.

Make no mistake, by its nature, hotboxing will alter the ratio of smoke to oxygen in the air. This implies you should be watchful for C0₂ dangers whenever closing off a space or automobile. With these warnings in mind, here is all you need to know about hotboxing.

The Basics to Hotboxing

So, to summarize, the venue is unquestionably the most important thing. As previously said, hotboxing is a “clear” activity in that there’s no denying the evidence if you’re caught. As a result of these factors, it’s usually best to hotbox somewhere where there won’t be an obvious marijuana scent after. Avoid using your house on Thanksgiving if Aunt Betsy is resting in the guest room. You’ve got it down pat.

In terms of getting a good seal on your selected site, consider it like air conditioning. Consider the space to be uncomfortably hot and you’re about to turn the AC on. Whatever you do to keep the heat out and the AC in will also work for you here. It’s always preferable not to hotbox alone for safety’s sake. Also make sure you don’t perform any sealing activities that might not be readily undone in an emergency. Hotboxing is a lot of fun. It’s even better if you don’t have to call the fire department.

If you’ve ever been compelled to light a joint or spark a bowl in a setting where the smoke couldn’t escape, you’ve engaged in the ancient practice of hotboxing.

The urge to hotbox is almost a natural instinct. We notice a location — whether it’s a car, a bedroom, or, for the sad cases, a porta potty — and feel compelled to discover how dirty we can make it. In the days before recreational (later medical) cannabis was legalized in certain states, hotboxing was about as dangerous as putting safety aside. When a driver is stopped on Cops , he or she typically rolls down the window and smoke pours out from beneath.

The term “getting caught” is difficult to define, and it may apply differently to each situation. In general, soaking oneself in a hot tub or bath surrounded by steam for an extended period of time puts the body at risk of being burned from the inside out if water is not continuously changed. This can be especially dangerous if someone slips into unconsciousness during this procedure. Given these points, there’s only one other consideration: safety.

No doubt, by definition, hotboxing will alter the ratio of smoke to oxygen in the air. As a result, you should always be conscious of any C0₂ hazards that may be created by closing off a space or vehicle. With those warnings in mind, here’s everything else you need to know about hotboxing.

Why do people hotbox?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. It may simply be a matter of convenience for others. It’s possible that the only appropriate location to smoke at the moment is in a specific room, and people are trying to keep the smoke confined so it doesn’t pollute the rest of an area.

It’s all about the enjoyment, or the surprise of seeing how much smoke accumulates during a joint being smoked.

People, on the other hand, hotbox to try and get more high. It does appear to make sense, doesn’t it? Surely sitting in a cloud of cannabis smoke is a wonderful way to breathe it in and absorb more cannabinoids, right? Let’s look at some evidence to see if this is true.

The Basics to Hotboxing

By definition, hotboxing is an “evident” behavior because there’s no denying the fact if you get caught. As a result of these factors, it’s usually better to hotbox in an area where a lingering marijuana scent won’t be an issue. Avoid using the guest bedroom if Aunt Betsy is resting on Thanksgiving Day. You’ve gotten the pattern down pat.

When it comes to obtaining an effective seal on your selected site, consider it like air conditioning. Consider the area to be unpleasantly hot and you’re ready to turn on the AC. Whatever you do to keep the AC on and the heat out will also work for your needs here. It’s always preferable not to hotbox alone for safety’s sake. Also, be sure you never perform any actions that might cause a room to be sealed permanently in an emergency. Hotboxing is fun. Not having to call the fire department is fantastic.

When (and when not) to hotbox

Perhaps hotboxing doesn’t necessarily get you higher, as current evidence appears to suggest, but that doesn’t imply smokers won’t like it. Just keep in mind to be cautious of your surroundings—hotboxing a stationary automobile (that you don’t intend to drive) is fine, but not if it puts you in legal danger.

Keep in mind that marijuana has a strong odor, and that hotboxing leaves behind a smell that lingers for some time. As a result, it’s probably not a smart idea to hotbox in rooms or places owned by people who could be sensitive to the behavior.

Finally, remember that oxygen is your friend; keep it at reasonable levels to avoid feeling lightheaded or dizzy. If things start to get out of hand, crack a window or go outside for some fresh air.

How to Get Creative with a Hotbox

Hawaiian Hotbox: If you want to add a tropical feel to your next hotbox, consider taking it in the bathroom (indoor). Allow the shower to get steamy while you burn one. The added atmosphere of steam may be quite effective. Plug the tub and allow someone else to take a bath after you’re done for extra conservation points.

Laser Pointers: There’s a reason why Pink Floyd has used lasers in its live shows for decades. With fog machines and lasers, it’s fantastic. That is an unquestionable fact. While playing Dark Side of the Moon is optional, using some laser pointers during a hotbox with the lights off is recommended. To be honest, adding more Dark Side may not be terrible at all.


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