Willy Wonka Marijuana Strain

Willy Wonka Marijuana Strain

Take a trip back to 1964 and join Willy Wonka weed, a famous character in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, on an adventure. Of course, that is not feasible, but the strain is something that may be done.

The original breeder of Willy Wonka is unknown. Although an offspring of Sweet Tooth and Willie Nelson exists, it is not the same as the strain featured in this post. Instead, Mr. Natural, a company based in Spain, gets credit for this version. Willy Wonka was created by crossing Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99.

Chocolate Trip is a Sativa-dominant strain. While it has powerful mental effects, it also provides a strong physical high without the drowsiness. Cinderella 99 or Cindy, on the other hand, is known for its spacey euphoric cerebral effects.

The result is a Sativa-dominant creeper with Chocolate Trip and Cinderella 99 genetics that produces strong psychoactive effects. It also inherited Chocolate Trip’s Indica characteristics, in which users may slip into a state of calm while traveling within their mind.

Willy Wonka is not your typical marijuana strain, to say the least. It won first place in the Denver section of the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. Its attractiveness to consumers has increased as a result of this. Although, owing to its limited availability,

Willy Wonka Effects

Willy Wonka may be a creep in that it can take minutes for the users to feel its effects. Keep in mind that you can’t underestimate it. This hybrid has as much as 24% THC, which means it might bring on strong feelings if consumed in high doses.

When marijuana enters the brain and body, it starts with an ecstatic rush. Users are likely to have mental clarity, perhaps to a point where visual and color abnormalities may occur. They also become more sensitive to sounds and noises in the environment, which seem louder than usual.

In moderation, it has been shown to keep people productive and that they can profit from a more focused mind. Not to mention the invigorating buzz that keeps them active and engaged. It’s also typical for people to talk a lot.

Users will experience numbness and tingling in the fingertips, arms, legs, stomach, chest/shoulders area, and jaw. These sensations eventually fade down to the body. Users remain active as a sense of calmness takes hold of their bodies. It’s also why the near-psychedelic feeling doesn’t get any better.


Willy Wonka is not only a pleasure to use. As a prelude to the magical experience, it takes recreational users on, it comes with an enticing sweet and earthy aroma with a hint of vanilla. It is not overpowering. Instead, users would describe the scent as refreshing.


The aroma of the strain is carried over to its flavor. A woody tone and a lingering minty aftertaste accompany the smoke as it leaves the mouth. In some ways, it makes the smoke feel chilly and smooth on the throat.

Adverse Reaction

Willy Wonka’s effects are apparent when you smoke it. You will probably get dry mouth and red eyes after smoking Willy Wonka. That is not unusual, especially since smoking any cannabis strain produces these symptoms.

Many users, on the other hand, report experiencing a mild headache. Dizziness is also possible in some people. These problems are generally manageable in most cases.

Willy Wonka is a wonderful wake-and-bake strain, but use it only as needed to avoid any unpleasant or debilitating side effects. If utilized incorrectly, they may be quite harsh and annoying. Don’t worry; they do not lead to long-term damage.

Willy Wonka Medical

Willy Wonka is a sativa-dominant cross between Sweet Tooth and Willie Nelson. Despite its sativa parentage, it produces short plants. In excellent circumstances, Willy Wonka has an average flowering duration of 56 to 60 days and a medium yield. According to reports, the strain is simple to cultivate indoors or outside.

Willy Wonka has no chance of helping with epileptic, tremor, or other conditions that respond to CBD. Its mind-altering qualities do provide comfort for certain illnesses, however.

Willy Wonka’s candy shop may also be useful to medical cannabis patients. Its sharp clear-mindedness might help persons with attention deficit problems focus better. Its ability to boost one’s spirits can assist relieve the distressing symptoms of stress, sadness, and anxiety. Willy Wonka CBD oil has a light aroma and flavor, so it’s great for mild ailments like headaches or nausea. It may not be as effective in soothing chronic nerve-related pain due to its physical effects being less potent. Because its initial are lively rather than cerebral, this strain can be beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety.

The strain delivers a buzzing euphoric high that squashes stress as effectively as bugs. The relief it provides to those suffering from depression or other illnesses or problems can be beneficial.

Willy Wonka’s use in the medical cannabis community goes beyond his namesake. Dealt with fatigue is just one of many possible applications of Willy Wonka among the medical cannabis community. The strain, like caffeine, may help people feel more energetic. Even when the Indica side has its way with them, most individuals should be able to run around without difficulty.

Willy Wonka Growing

There is relatively little information available on growing Willy Wonka. We do know it can grow in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Getting its seeds, on the other hand, might be difficult. Mr. Natural appears to offer its seeds only in Spain, which limits your options somewhat. It’s possible that obtaining it from another nation will be difficult.

To produce purple streaks on its leaves and flowers,

Mr. Natural sells Willy Wonka seeds online, however the business only ships orders within Spain; people elsewhere who want to cultivate the strain must first acquire clippings from healthy plants of the variety. Willy Wonka may be cultivated both indoors and outside, and it requires a semi-dry climate with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit to succeed. Those wanting to exhibit their plants’ eye-catching purple streaks should expose them to nighttime temperatures at least ten to fifteen degrees below average for a few moments. When grown indoors, Willy Wonka flowers in 8 weeks and is ready for harvest in early October when cultivated outdoors. It’s also considered a high yielder.


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