Xanadu Cannabis Strain

Xanadu Cannabis Strain

Xanadu is a wonderful example of a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines an uplifting sativa energy with soothing indica effects. It has a thick, creamy smoke and delicious berry notes in the flavor and aroma.

For a number of causes, sativa strains are incredibly popular in the cannabis industry. They provide ideal wake-and-bake possibilities, ensuring that you can be high-powered and focused all day. Every sativa, though, is unique in its own way.

The Xanadu strain is a 75% sativa-dominant hybrid. It combines the uplifting effects of a sativa with the soothing effects associated with indicas, making it potentially your new favorite, go-to strain!

In this article, we look at the finest features of Xanadu and discuss its drawbacks. Perhaps you’ll encounter this uncommon beauty on your next trip to the dispensary.

What Is the Xanadu Strain?

Xanadu weed is a cross between X-18 and DTC99. The breeders, Dutchgrown Seeds, chose X18 because it was a strong landrace Pakistani indica; they blended it with the sativa-dominant DTC99 to change its effects.

The Xanadu is a 75% sativa strain. As a result, the high is typically uplifting and encouraging – just as you would expect from a sativa. Furthermore, because of its high THC levels of up to 18%, which are comparable to those found in most Indica strains, the effect is stimulatory rather than overwhelming.

The head high of Xanadu begins in the head. It’s cognitively stimulating and encourages innovation. If you have any creative goals to achieve on your to-do list, Xanadu could be the one for you! The head high also reduces feelings of anxiety by making you feel higher and more joyful. At Xanadu, you’ll never feel overwhelmed. Instead of exciting, you’ll feel calm and tranquil. The small amount of indica genetics is enough to allow the high to enter your body. Xanadu effectively relieves pain due to its soothing effects, which span all muscles in your body. In addition, because Xanadu induces munchies in a big way, have some food on hand!


The fragrance of Xanadu is surprisingly pleasant. This pungent strain will stick in your nose for a long time, with buds that fill the air with scent. The aroma is one of sweetness, which differs from most cannabis strains.The pungent, hoppy aroma that comes with most strains is appealing. Xanadu, on the other hand, has a great deal of sweeter scents including flower and fruit notes. The most prominent note is blueberries, although there are also strawberries in the mix.


The flavor of Xanadu is far more pleasant than you may expect, again. The smoke is thick, but not in a choking, unpleasant way. It’s creamy and sweet, just as the fragrance suggests.

The flavor is complemented by notes of blueberry, which carry through to the aroma and taste. It’s a pleasure that will have you returning for more, thanks to the creamy texture of the smoke and the buttery creaminess of it.

The earthy tones in the scent are also present in the taste, which translates to lavender. The floral undertones temper those sweet tastes somewhat, adding a little something extra to this bud. Xanadu is a delicious strain that pleases your taste buds when you try it.


Xanadu has a drab appearance in contrast to its pleasant flavor and fragrance. The nuggets are forest green, which isn’t particularly appealing. There may be trichomes and pistils present, in accordance with true sativa behavior; the plants grow tall in this type of cannabis.

Xanadu Strain Grow Info

In terms of its cultivation practices, little is known about the Xanadu strain. It grows like a sativa and may require towing. The Sea of Green (SoG) approach, which has been utilized to grow successful crops of Xanadu, is commonly recommended.

It’s also important to feed Xanadu on a regular basis in order for it to grow. For the best effects, remove it back by the sixth internode. It seems that blooming takes around nine weeks.

Xanadu was originally cultivated by a breeder from the Netherlands who sold it at Dutchgrown Seeds for a short time. As a result, finding the seeds for sale is difficult. Instead, take a clipping from a grower you know instead. Clippings also help to predictability of growth and minimize margin of error.

Xanadu’s THC concentration ranges from 14% to 18%, with an average of 16%. These levels are suitable for people with less experience, since they are not overly strong. At the same time, it is enough to provide a decent high that may be enhanced as you continue to consume. As usual, beginners should exercise caution and only take as much as necessary.

Xanadu has never had its CBD content made public. Based on its parentage and the average CBD content of a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Xanadu’s CBD concentration is most likely less than 1%. This isn’t unusual in many strains; nevertheless, it doesn’t imply that Xanadu has no therapeutic value.

Medical Benefits of the Xanadu Strain

With the popularity of medical marijuana increasing every year, patients are increasingly using cannabis for a variety of purposes. The Xanadu strain might assist MMJ patients with a wide range of issues, including both mental and physical maladies.

Xanadu’s sativa-like head high is great for individuals suffering from mood problems such as depression, stress, or mania. While some cerebral strains can lift you too much and produce a bubbly euphoria that could be dangerous for bipolar sufferers, Xanadu has adequate sedative components to keep you grounded. Negative ideas dissolve away, leaving you happy and calm.

This strain’s high concentration of THC can help those who suffer from chronic pain. THC is frequently used to relieve minor aches and pains. Xanadu’s indica component, which affects the body rather than the mind, is also good for reducing agony.

Xanadu is a weight-loss aid that also works as an appetite stimulant. It generates a strong sensation of the munchies, making it impossible for you to resist eating. Anorexics who have been diagnosed with this condition report that generating a hungry hunger is a positive experience.

It can also assist patients with illnesses such as cancer, since the treatment may lead to nausea and an appetite loss. You’ll be munching on anything again in no time after taking one puff of Xanadu.

Possible Side Effects of the Xanadu Strain

Unfortunately, Xanadu has several typical side effects. Despite being used to treat mood disorders, Xanadu has been reported to cause anxiety in some people. Because it is known to induce paranoia in those who are sensitive to THC, individuals with anxiety or paranoias should avoid this strain.

Dry eyes and cottonmouth are other symptoms that may occur. After smoking Xanadu, expect red, dry eyes and a sense of dehydration. Neither of these effects is serious; you can simply treat them with water and eye drops to cure them.

The munchies might be a negative side effect for those not expecting it. If you’re on a diet, beware that this strain will make you hungry. At the absolute least, prepare some nutritious snacks to keep your mouth occupied while smoking this stuff.

Final Thoughts

Xanadu is a wonderful hybrid strain that combines the energy of a sativa with the chill out of an indica. It’s a great afternoon strain, providing a boost of creativity and pleasure to otherwise dreary evenings. Keep in mind that as a sativa, it won’t have you snoozing anytime soon!

Xanadu is a strain with delicious berry undertones and a pleasant scent that users love. It’s unfortunately quite rare, making it difficult to come by. If you see Xanadu at your local marijuana shop, buy it before it’s gone!


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